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Healthcare Professional Risk Retention Group, Inc. provides medical professional liability insurance to healthcare professionals of all specialties in California, Florida, Michigan and Texas. HPRRG was founded by a group of healthcare professionals on the principals of underwriting integrity, vigorous claims defense, financial strength and premium stability. HPRRG is owned and directed by healthcare professionals that are committed to defending and rewarding the practice of patient safety and good medicine.


HPRRG is managed by a team of healthcare professional liability specialists with expertise in underwriting, risk management and claim defense. Our team has years of industry experience offering customized insurance solutions to physicians, surgeons and other healthcare professionals.


Healthcare Professional Risk Retention Group, Inc. is a corporation domiciled in North Carolina.


Healthcare Professional Risk Retention Group, Inc. has strategically been formed to offer coverage in California, Florida, Michigan and Texas due to these states tort reform, judicial environment, limits of liability carried by healthcare professionals and market size. This diverse coverage area allows HPRRG to offer affordable and stable premiums while underwriting profitably and avoiding high risk territories requiring high limits of liability. HPRRG offers a custom policy form created to address unique situations our insureds may find themselves in.


HPRRG’s management has extensive experience underwriting and managing claims in these states allowing us to be prepared for the most complex cases. Additionally, we have relationships with top defense law firms specializing in medical professional liability allowing the company to vigorously defend all claims.


Risk Services, LLC- Captive Management

Risk Services, LLC is an approved captive manger in the state of North Carolina and has  extensive experience in the risk retention group industry. As HPRRG’s Captive Manager they’re responsible for all regulatory compliance, financial reporting and accounting services. They’re headquartered in Sarasota, Florida.

Shore Tagman Butler & Company, P.A.- Accounting

Shore, Tagman, Butler & Company, P.A. is an independent certified public accounting firm specializing in audits of property and casualty insurance entities. They are responsible for performing an annual intensive examination of HPRRG to provide the highest level of assurance of the financial statements. They’re headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

Financial Risk Analysts, LLC- Actuarial Services

Financial Risk Analysts, LLC is an independent and insurance actuarial consulting firm specializing in providing services to self-insurers, captive insurance companies, risk retention groups, and other non-standard risk financing programs. They’re responsible for providing actuarial rate and loss forecast studies for HPRRG. They’re headquartered in Davidson, North Carolina.

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