Learn more about the claims process here at HPRRG

Healthcare Professional Risk Retention Group, Inc. will provide a vigorous claims defense for all insureds, no matter the allegations made against them. Our priority is the protection of our insureds in their darkest times of practice. We understand the majority of claims are made without merit and are prepared to defend and protect our insured’s reputation.


HPRRG’s claims are managed by a team of healthcare professional liability specialists with experience across the United States. Our insureds will have direct access to a claims management attorney that can discuss and advise every aspect of their claim. HPRGG utilizes local attorneys specializing in medical professional liability defense. This allows us to provide a comprehensive and collaborative defense from beginning to end of litigation.

If you have received a notice of a claim, request for medical records, demand for compensation, or served with a lawsuit, contact our claims department immediately by:

  • Calling us at 1-877-268-2865, or
  • Faxing a copy of the claim notice or lawsuit to 727-551-4290.
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