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Affordable Coverage

At Healthcare Professional Risk Retention Group, Inc., we provide medical professional liability insurance tailored to the unique needs of physicians, surgeons, and allied healthcare providers. Our policy design is the result of collaboration with healthcare professionals and is designed to address the daily risks faced by providers. We offer flexible coverage options for individuals, groups, and entities. Our standard policy includes a comprehensive range of features, and we cover a wide variety of medical specialties. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a large organization, we’re committed to protecting you and your practice from unforeseen events. Please see below for a list of policy features and medical specialties covered.

Medical Specialties Covered

Physicians & Surgeons

  • Anesthesiology
  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • General Surgery
  • General/Family Practice
  • Gynecology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Obstetrics
  • Orthopedics including Surgery
  • Pain Management
  • Pediatrics
  • Physical Medicine & Rehab
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Psychiatry
  • Radiology
  • Urology

Allied Healthcare Professionals

  • Anesthesiology Assistant
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Nurse Anesthetist
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physician Assistant
  • Physical Therapist
  • Radiological Assistant
  • Ultrasound Tech

Medical Entities

  • Diagnostic Clinic
  • Medical Spa
  • Outpatient Surgery Center
  • Urgent Care

Policy Features

Consent to Settle

The insured has full consent to settle a claim and we will not settle any claims without the consent of our insured.

Incident Sensitive Claims Trigger

The insured can report any Medical Incident they believe may result in a claim as a result of their professional services.

Death Disability & Retirement Tail

The insured will be provided an extended reporting period in the event they die, become disabled or retire from the practice of medicine during the policy period. The retirement provision has no minimum age requirement but does require the insured to be insured with the company for four consecutive years.  

Administrative Proceeding Amendatory Endorsement

The insured will be provided legal defense from any state medical board investigation. The company will defend the investigation until resolution or up to $25,000 of defense costs. No fines or penalties are covered under this policy.

Cyber Liability Coverage

Locum Tenens Coverage

The insured may assign a locum tenens provider for up to 30 days per policy period.

Non-Assessable Policy

This policy is non-assessable and the Company does not have the right to assess a policyholder for additional amounts to make up shortfalls in the cost of operating the company.

Non-practicing Discounts

Sabbatical, maternity leave, FMLA leave

Prior Acts Coverage

The company offers full prior acts coverage.

Defense Costs

The insured has the choice to have legal defense costs inclusive or in addition to the limits of liability, depending on the rules/regulations of the state you are in.

Employee Coverage

The employees of the Named Insured are provided coverage while providing services on behalf of the Named Insured. This does not include any employee with an advanced medical degree (i.e. ARNP, PA, CRNA, CNM, etc.)

No Minimum Earned

The company has no minimum earned premium requirement. If the insured cancels the policy or if the company cancels the policy they will refund the premium pro-rata based on the date of cancellation.

Coverage Territory

The coverage territory is anywhere in the world so long as the claim is brought in the United States of America or any of its territories.

Corporate Coverage

The insured may add coverage for a corporation on a shared or separate limit basis, subject to underwriting.

Additional Insured Coverage

The insured may add coverage for an additional insured on a shared or separate limit basis, subject to underwriting.