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Our Company

Healthcare Professional Risk Retention Group, Inc. provides medical professional liability insurance to healthcare professionals of all specialties all across the country. HPRRG was founded by a group of healthcare professionals on the principals of underwriting integrity, vigorous claims defense, financial strength and premium stability. HPRRG is owned and directed by healthcare professionals that are committed to defending and rewarding the practice of patient safety and good medicine.

Managing Team

HPRRG is managed by a team of healthcare professional liability specialists with expertise in underwriting, risk management and claim defense. Our team has years of industry experience offering customized insurance solutions to physicians, surgeons and other healthcare professionals.

Sean Haber
Sean Haber Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Cunningham
Andrew Cunningham President
George Macfie
George Macfie Vice President

Our Advantage

Healthcare Professional Risk Retention Group, Inc. operates nationwide, providing medical professional liability coverage to physicians, surgeons, and allied healthcare providers. Our unique approach to underwriting enables us to offer competitive and stable premiums while avoiding high-risk territories that require excessive limits of liability. In addition, we offer custom policy forms designed to address the unique needs of our insureds, including the flexibility to replace our standard policy options with one-off packages tailored to the specific needs of larger groups. Unlike other insurance providers, we have no “Hammer Clause,” meaning that every member-owner has a say in how their claims are settled or defended. Moreover, we have no minimum earned premiums, allowing us to provide more affordable options for healthcare professionals at all stages of their careers. Our custom packages can include swing rates, diminishing deductibles, and other innovative solutions to provide comprehensive coverage that meets our clients’ specific requirements.

HPRRG’s management has extensive experience underwriting and managing claims in these states allowing us to be prepared for the most complex cases. Additionally, we have relationships with top defense law firms specializing in medical professional liability allowing the company to vigorously defend all claims.

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