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Medical Professional Liability Insurance that defends and rewards the practice of patient safety and good medicine.

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HPRRG was founded by a group of healthcare professionals on the principals of underwriting integrity, vigorous claims defense, financial strength and premium stability. 

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Achieved through underwriting integrity and vigorous claims defense.

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Healthcare Professional Risk Retention Group, Inc has been strategically expanding it’s reach since its inception with a large national footprint. Our coverage area allows our members to practice in separate states and mitigate exposure in higher-risk areas.

Healthcare Professional Risk Retention Group, Inc. is domiciled in North Carolina. We are registered with the Departments of Insurance and actively writing policies in highlighted states.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RRG stands for Risk Retention Group. It is a type of insurance company that is owned by its members, who are also its shareholders. RRGs were created by the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986 to provide liability insurance coverage to businesses that are similar or related in terms of their risk profile. The RRG model provides greater control and flexibility to its members compared to traditional insurance companies.

A hammer clause is a provision in an insurance policy that gives the insurance company the right to force a policyholder to accept a settlement offer or else be responsible for any additional costs beyond that amount. Essentially, the hammer clause shifts the financial risk of a lawsuit from the insurance company to the policyholder if they choose to reject a settlement offer that the insurance company deems reasonable. Some insurance policies, such as those offered by Risk Retention Groups like Healthcare Professional Risk Retention Group, do not include a hammer clause, giving policyholders greater control over their claims.
In a post pandemic world it’s absolutely necessary to include coverage for the fastest growing channel in medicine. Our policies include Telemedicine endorsements and unique coverage options to ensure your free to provide care to remote patients.
We offer shared and separate coverage for your mid-level providers and entity itself, your staff are an extension of your practice and are afforded the same protections.